About Y.N.C.I

About Y.N.C.I

Yoruba National Community, Italy is formed with a general objective to bring unity amongst all Yoruba sons and daughters in Italy and around the world.

Its specific objective is to be the national reference body to all Yoruba communities, associations and groups with ideals and aspirations for the promotion of Yoruba interests and culture in Italy and in other countries of the world.

We are a non profit, non religious association and will be involved in organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, public lectures aimed at informing, educating and orientating Yoruba citizens, especially the younger generations.

Y.N.C.I also aims to diligently bridge the information gap between the Yoruba people and other cultural groups within Italy and around the world, and to establish a presence in Nigeria to facilitate home based activities and promotions.

Yoruba National Community, Italy will be glad to take up membership or become affiliated to other local, national or international organizations or bodies that have similar purposes and objectives.