Reconciliation Delegates In Napoli

Although, the newly elected national executive officers are yet to be inaugurated into office in order to commence their constitutional responsibility’s few weeks from now. But despite not being sworn in yet, but they have already been making some great commendable moves behind the scenes which could likely bring back the lost glory of the national Community.

It was obviously known sometimes earlier this year that things wasn’t going so well as it was expected by so many who were disappointed at the handling of the national community (executives) in Italy, which nearly tore the community a parts.

Among those disappointed at the national executive handling of the community affairs was the Yoruba community Napoli, under the leadership of its president, Alhaji Lanre Akanni Laredo, who was one of those to expressed his displeasure on behave of his community members concerning their disappointment at the way the community shows lack of regards to them whenever it comes to any issues concerning Napoli and it members.

According to a voice note earlier shared to the national community (whatapp) social forum, the president expressed his withdrawal on behaves of his community members from the Yoruba national community, expressing their disappointment in taking such decisions after long deliberations on the issues with the community members on how they were being treated at the national community. We want to stay independent. He said.

Reconciliation Delegates In Napoli

According to him, the decision to withdraw from the national community would then be made official to the general assembly after the July 31st new executive’s election which was supposed to mark their last day with the association.

During the last emergency general assembly held on Saturday, 4 SEP. It was made known that some members of the new elected officials were on a mission to Napoli which appears to be a reconciliation visit.

According, to some members of the newly elected national executives, Mr Kehinde Eniola and Mr Olabode who spoke under durex during the ongoing meeting, claimed they were on a journey to Napoli, and could not participate fully with the assembly meeting due to poor network and low phone batteries as they claimed, which truly appears they were indeed in Napoli or on their way returning back home.

The newly elected national president, Mr. Kehinde Eniola believed the assembly the success of the meeting despite he never disclosed what their mission to Napoli was yet. He said while speaking from the train as he was about to leave the meeting due to the poor network in the train. We thank God we were able to achieved the purpose while we came here to Napoli, at least, our coming here was not in vain, we achieved success he claimed, but the general assembly is yet to be briefed on the purpose and outcome of the mission which appears to be reconciliation mission.

Edited: Some recently taken photos were uploaded to the social platform which truly confirmed our report about the reconciliation meeting delegates from the newly members of the elected national officers. Among the notable delegates are Mr, Kehinde Eniola (elected national vice president), Mr Olabode Adewale (General national secretary), Mr Raheem Saubana Ayinla(national cultural officer). While some of the notable members from Napoli can also been seen in the recently uploaded photos.